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MC half-kilo whose real name is innocent Simon also known as comedian  half kilo, he’s a fast growing jos MC who also doubles as a comedian. He is the CEO of weight empire ENT from Lagos Nigeria, he started his comedy carrier with Mitv Lagos, Ltv Lagos.

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What state are you from?

MC Half Kilo: I am from Jos, Plateau State but brought up in Lagos State.

Tell us about your educational background MC half kilo

MC Half Kilo: I attended a lot of institutions because my parents were not stable in one location.

I attended Royal international school in 2000. Hopewell academy, Lagos. Prestige international school, Jos. National film institute, 2019.

My primary school days and part of my secondary school days were spent in Lagos whilst the remainder of it in Jos.

How did you come about your nickname, “Half Kilo”?

MC Half Kilo: the name “Half Kilo” came from an insult. I attended SANGO EDO COMMUNITY JUNIOR and SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, I was in jss2 and the class captain.

After preparing the duty rooster I called those who were on duty, one of the boys in my class who were older made a statement,
People dey talk, half kilo dey talk
Before i knew it the entire school changed my name to “Half Kilo”.

It was not easy adapting to the name because I was being bullied with it, eventually, I accepted the name just to see if the name calling will stop as advised by one of my friends but it didn’t.


How did you get started as an MC? What drew you to the field?

MC Half Kilo: I have always been on the stage. From being a choir member and serving in the drama department in church. I have always have a way of drawing an audience and making them laugh with how I perform, this then gave me the inspiration to pick up being an MC professionally.


MC half-kilo
MC half-kilo

Was there any specific inspiration to the world of comedy as an MC

MC Half Kilo: One day my uncle sent me a message and advised me to start shooting videos which will keep me busy during the raining season. I took his advice and started shooting videos in 2019 not knowing what I was going to do.

I received a lot of criticisms which had me running around styles for my skits, the two people I looked up too that motivated me were KELVIN HART and SABINUS, this helped me to stay focus.

Where do you get your ideas for skits half-kilo

MC Half Kilo: From observing the lifestyle of my people, the BEROM people. Even tho I am not good with my mother’s tongue being a BEROM, from FORON, I replicate my observations in my skits which is not a common style that can be seen everywhere and so far they are getting more positive feedbacks.

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Can you describe your typical Mcing style and personality?

Mc half kilo: God loves his people comedy style. God uses laughter to talk to his people, the messages being about peace and love. That’s my comedy style, show love and do what I am supposed to do. I do not look down on shows neither do I do much of paparazzi, I only do me and give my best which makes people to love having me MC their events.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as an MC or comedian, and how do you overcome them?

MC Half Kilo: Having a small body structure. I am not short but I have a small body frame which brings about disrespect especially from my female clients.

This almost broke me down because I was being paid less and often looked down on but I kept my head up trusting God and fortunately, I always delivered.

How do you keep the audience engaged throughout the event?

MC Half Kilo: I pay very close attention to my audience and arrive early for events. Knowing my audience helps me know the activities to get them engaged.

What are the mechanisms you improvised to handle unexpected situations on stage?

MC Half Kilo: I have my plans just in case something unexpected comes up. If it is beyond my control, I call for help.

How do you engage your audience offline?

Mc half kilo: Offline, I greet my audience, engage them in conversations surrounding my videos so I can get their views, through that I know what to work on

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had as an MC?

MC Half Kilo: MC: it was at a GENERAL BITTERS performance, we had about five to six standing ovations. I learned that when you truly work hard and pray God has a way of honoring and blessing you. Because he gives the energy and talent so I owe it all to God.

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you during performance?

MC Half Kilo: it was in 2018, during a program organized by ECWA Church.

I was making my hit joke which required me acting as a goalkeeper kicking a ball, in the course of trying to kick the ball I felled down onto the bare floor which thrilled the audience. Although it was a killer performance for me it was an embarrassing situation that took me a while to get past it. I was also wearing a suit.

What is your relationship status? Do you wish to share or make it anonymous?

MC Half Kilo: I am Dating

Can you shed more light on your relationship; maybe tell us a little about her?

MC Half Kilo: her name is SALOME, a film editor.

We’ve been dating for four months. She’s not a Nigerian; she is from Philadelphia but stays in the US. It is a long distance relationship but we are hoping to meet. So far the relationship is going on well and we are both serious about the relationship.

What kind of impact do you hope your skits have on your audience?

MC Half Kilo: the feeling of gratitude that tomorrow will be better. I hope that no matter what anyone is going through, watching my videos will elevate that situation and strengthen the person.

What advice would you give to aspiring comedians?

MC Half Kilo: the road is not easy, comedy is no joke. If you do not have the talent you do not have it but you can learn if you set your heart to it. Also remember to be loyal because that is what will pave way for you to be invited to shows, and then you can start building your career.

Mc half kilo does standup comedy and in his words”basically, my life is all about entertainment“.

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