Director tucci’s journey

With creativity as his compass and passion as his fuel, uncover the details of director tucci, the visionary filmmaker hailing from the bustling streets of oshodi who Is out to turn dreams into blockbusters one frame at a time.

Share with us the story behind the lens, please introduce yourself

Adebayo: Hello everyone, my name is Adebayo Oluwatumise, a young lucrative film maker, graduate of the National Film Institute Jos, a sub of the University of Jos, National Film Corporation Jos.

I was born and brought up in Oshodi, Isolo Local Government.

I graduated from Boso College International Secondary School, went to the University of Jos and I also have a diploma in Mass Communication from Kwara State University.

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Can you tell us about your journey into cinematography director tucci?

Adebayo: My film career began when I started working with my boss, MR FOLAGUNJE ABISOLA SHAUNTEL, who has shot multiple award winning movies. He pioneered “JENIFA’S DIARY” alongside FUNKE AKINDELE and he is the CEO of MOUNTAIN PICTURES, a multinational film corporative located in Lagos Island.

What initially drew you to this field director tucci?

Adebayo: I started my career by learning how to use cameras.

We’ve been to Asaba for movie shoots were I was also on some series. I was a camera assistant to multiple directors notably, CLARENCE, UNTERELE, AJOLOKU, LATE BAYE J etc.

This ushered me into starting a career professionally as a film producer. So far, I have shot music videos for SOUNDCITY, HIPTV, SG and other multiple artists.

What drew me to the field was my love for directing, being around my boss and YHEMO, a top cinematographer in the country fueled this passion to become a career for me.

What was your experience like at the National Film Institute in Jos, Plateau State?

Adebayo: The National film institute was a great experience because it gave me the confidence to navigate the film making industry.

How did it shape your skills and career path?

Adebayo: The institution shaped the business and corporate art of film making in me.

I also met great personalities who became my friends with some of my lecturers serving as my role models, worthy of mention, MR YOMI, MR JOVI, MISS BLESSING and PROFESSOR OSAI.

I met a lot of legends making waves in the industry like, JOHNSON, TOSIN, MR KENNETH GYANG, SHEM and a whole lot of great personalities doing incredibly well in the industry.

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You mentioned directing music videos for various platforms like SOUNDCITY and HIPTV. How do you approach directing music videos, and what are some of the key challenges and rewards of the process?

Adebayo: CASETTE CALL was the first official film I made as a producer and director in 2023, it was shot by LUCAS OLUYEME.

The movie is about raising social awareness on albinism and has attracted national and international awards such as “BEST DIRECTOR”, “BEST SCREENPLAY”.

It was among the films listed for the National Film Festival, and got an award at the Imo State Film Festival.

At the Maghandi film festival for social change, the movie got a flag of recognition for social change and awareness. There will also be a private screening on Saturday, 10th of February, 2024 at the Ozone Cinema.

What inspired you to create a short film director tucci?

Adebayo: I had an Albino friend who battled low self-esteem and since I have always wanted to create films that revolve around social change and awareness, I chose to start with albinism.

What are your preferred cameras and lightning setups for different types of projects?

Adebayo: Practical light. I like telling stories with practical lights, I am a fan of black magic and red color this are the colors I like, I use lights to tell stories.

Do you believe color plays a role in storytelling and conveying emotions through visuals?

Adebayo: Affirmative! Color plays a whole lot in storytelling because it is the color palate that gives the mood of the story and the mode in which it is to be conveyed.

Are there any challenges you have faced director tucci?

As a film producer I have faced quite a number of challenges especially with CASETTE CALL, I had to convert a scene that was supposed to be done under the tree due to weather conditions and timing.

Can you share a specific instance where you had to overcome a technical challenge on set and how you achieved it?

Adebayo: Challenges are a normal occurrence in film making, you just have to make adjustments where necessary, stay focus and manage your team. You should also know a little of every role on set just incase there’s a need for you to take up that position.

In music videos there were times I had to convert some scenes that were not on the script which ended up coming out better.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the Nigerian film industry director tucci?

Adebayo: The Nigerian film industry has really blossomed.

What are its strengths and weaknesses?

Adebayo: There is a clear difference between how it was before to what we see now taking for example the movie produced by FUNKE AKINDELE “The Tribe Called Judah “hitting one billion in the box office. We have foreign industries that are trying to form collaborations with the Nigerian industry.

The weaknesses are basically the issue of piracy, more laws need to be enacted to protect the creative works of individuals who have worked tirelessly from those who want to reap from where they did not sow.

In your experience what are some of the unique challenges faced by Nigerian filmmakers?

Adebayo: Funding. Some of the governmental policies are not friendly especially for young filmmakers who are just finding their footing in the industry.

There is also accessibility to locations, there should be insurance for filmmakers so they can have access to venues and other properties they will need to shoot movies.

What are some of your personal influences, both within the film industry and outside of it?


Outside the industry, the Commissioner of Youths and Social development, MOBOLAJI, OLAIDA THOMAS, they have all been very inspirational in my growth.

What are you currently working on director tucci?

Adebayo: We are looking at making CASETTE CALL a feature movie.

What projects are you excited about in the future?

Adebayo: I have some projects to work on with BULLION EMPIRE, DAVID AKONDE. For the rest, they are still cooking.

What does success look like to you as a film maker?

Adebayo: Hollywood.

Shooting movies that is success to me alongside being an influential filmmaker known far and wide.

Will you like to share your relationship status?

Adebayo: I will like to reserve this information but I am not searching.

What advice will you give to aspiring Nigerian filmmakers who want to follow in your footsteps?

Adebayo: Stay focus, trust God and believe in yourself. Do not allow yourself get limited by the progress or success of others, do your own thing and give it your best.

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