Chronicles of Ajayi

Unveil with us the sonic story woven by an enigmatic force! Ajayi babatunde, an underground artist whose inspiring melodies are causing ripples of change and stirring inspiration in the Nigerian music industry

Please can you tell us about yourself?

Ajayi: My name is Ajayi Babatunde Olumide, an indigene of Abeokuta, Ogun State.

I was born and brought up in Lagos where I also had my primary education. I attended a Boarding Secondary School in Ogun state and Lagos State Polytechnic for my tertiary education.

What genre of music do you compose?

Ajayi: it is called “AFRO FUSION” from which I carved my own style of music tagged “WOKE FUJI VIBES”.

It is a combination of AFRO beats, FUJI, HIPHOP and every other kind of genre but still comprises of afro beats.

What first drew you to “Hip-Hop” ajayi?

Ajayi: I will say since I was a baby (laughs). Growing up around a father who was a Disc jockey and a mother who loved music was a major influence because I had music all around me every day.

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How did you start making music?

Ajayi: I started composing my own songs since I was around seven years old by myself, when I got to high school; I joined a music group which further introduced me to music.

I have always known that this was my path, something I will really enjoy doing, all thanks to my environment, it made carving my path easy.

What are your song writing and creating processes like?

Ajayi: Songwriting is a part of me. As an inspirational artiste, I sing about what I see around me and what people do that are relatable.

What are some of your biggest accomplishments and challenges so far?

Ajayi: Making a song with the legendary IDRIS ABDULKAREEM and 9ICE ALAPOMEJI.

I performed at the BIG BROTHER WELCOME PARTY for BEVERLY OSU. I have also met with different producers worthy of mention TY MIX, the late SOUND SULTAN, who met me after my performance to commend my music and style.

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What challenges have you faced as an independent artist, and how have you overcome them ajayi?

Ajayi: Promotion. As an artist before any song gets released there is a budget for the song. The bigger the budget, the bigger the promotion.

As an independent artist, this is one key thing I struggle with but fortunately, with social media, it has introduced various platforms independent artistes like me can access to promote our music.
My confidence helps me overcome this particular challenge.

Social media is helping us out a lot in addressing the challenge of finding promotional sites, you can also produce and promote your song yourself all thanks to the world been a global village.

What message do you hope to convey with your music?

Ajayi: I hope to raise people’s consciousness towards what is happening in the world.

Asides the songs that will keep people on their feet, producing songs that will promote the culture and broaden the minds of people are the kind of messages I hope to convey with my music.

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of music ajayi?

Ajayi: Studying people and my environment. I also love studying nature and going to the beach to have a feel of life outside the studio.

The Nigerian Music Industry is rapidly growing. What are your thoughts on its future trajectory?

Ajayi: The Nigerian Music Industry still has so much the world needs to see.

This year we did not bag a Grammy award but very soon, with the underground talents coming up myself inclusive, there will be a huge harvest of Grammys.

As Fela said “music is a weapon” we will use music to alleviate the economy of our country. Ten years from now, I see people giving the same respect they give RnB songs to Nigerian music.

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Can you tell us about your relationship status?

Ajayi: I am single; I want to calm down first. But there are a lot of good women in my life who I have nothing serious with just respect.

What advice do you have for the upcoming artists and fans looking up to you ajayi?

Ajayi: As an underground artiste this is what I have to say; be original.Know yourself and find your sound.

Jumping on every sound trend might get you a single but might not help you sustain your craft.

As youths I will say stay focused, let’s all work together towards the good of everybody not just ourselves alone as the economy can only grow when we are united.

I have a new project coming soon that I would love you to watch out for, something big is coming and it will be great for all of us.

Ajayi Babatunde is taking the music world by storm, he is one artist we should look out for.

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